Saturday, 20 April 2013

Jeans jacket match

Blonde - I love you
Rudimental - Waiting All Night
One Night- EXAMPLE 

Jeans jackets are back in fashion now, I have to say I didn't adore them before but now I match them differently and don't think of them as old fashioned. The thing about those jeans jackets it that you can change them completely just with few accessories. You can make it as a night-out look matching it with high heels and mini dress or be rebellious and wear ankle height leather boots with black leather shorts and old T-Shirt and still look good! I brought my jacket online and it was too big but I found perfect solution in form of wide, shiny black belt with silver studs. It highlighted my waist and added a bit of sophistication to the whole look. I also have tendency to curl my sleeves. Through that you can wear any long gloves or bracelets but mainly it would change your outfit into more interesting one!



                                                        Photographer: Daniel Pianesi

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